words. Odyssia Houstis
digital illustration. six n. five
issue 3 – the water issue

UniverseEdge – What If © Six N. Five

Your work at Six N. Five is characterized by its clean, modern aesthetic and dreamlike quality. How did you develop this unique style, and what inspires you to continue evolving it?

My style’s essence remains constant, where my objective is to create aesthetically pleasing images, incorporating thought-provoking concepts that evoke emotions within the viewer. While my style and resources have evolved, driven by my eagerness to learn, explore, and leverage technological advancements, my fundamental objective remains unchanged. I have explored different disciplines, I started with still-life photography and achieved realism despite technical and rendering limitations at that moment. From there, I moved on to architecture, space, landscape design, and also explorations in the design of physical and digital objects. Iusenature as a main source of inspiration a lot. Which has become an integral part of my artistic style. I often integrate elements from these fields to create unique compositions that distinguish my artwork.

After the storm © Six N. Five

Over the years, you have worked with various esteemed brands and artists. How have these collaborations influenced your artistic development, and are there any particular collaborations that you are particularly proud of?

I feel fortunate that at each stage of my career, I have had different experiences that were key at the time. One collaboration that has stood out and given me immense happiness and pride is the one I had in 2017 with photographers Cody Cobb and Ben Willet. Together we worked on a series in which I designed digital sculptures on Cobb’s photos of natural and unexplored places, resulting in seven highly detailed images that blur the line between real and digital. In 2019, Microsoft called me to create the wallpapers for all of their Surface devices. This was one of the most important collaborations that allowed me 100% to create and develop my own interpretations on landscapes and nature design, which are only possible in a digital realm. Other collaborations, such as those with artist Daniel Arsham in the past years have been quite important as sharing processes with him has helped Megrow as an artist. The result has been many dynamic digital pieces that evolve over time, unlike a possible sculpture in the physical world that remains static. All of them were unique experiences that taught me new techniques and approaches to art.

My weekend solo © Six N. Five

How do you envision the relationship between physical and digital art evolving in the coming years? Do you think digital art will eventually surpass traditional mediums in terms of popularity and cultural impact?

That’s an excellent question, and in my opinion, the relationship between physical and digital art will continue to evolve in the coming years. We can expect an increase in inexperience that merges both digital and physical realities, creating a new dimension of art. I envision virtual spaces becoming an extension of the physical world, and we will be able to visualize and adapt them in real time, blending the limitless possibilities of the digital world with the physical realm. As for the future of digital art compared to traditional mediums, I believe that digital art is a unique form of artistic expression that is gaining recognition and legitimacy in the art world. It utilizes digital tools and techniques just as traditional art forms use mediums like paint or clay. While it’s difficult to predict whether digital art will eventually surpass traditional mediums, I think it’s safe to say that as new generations of digital natives continue to create, digital art will continue to evolve and thrive.

Pistachio © Six N. Five

Your work has been exhibited in prestigious institutions such as Art Basel, MocoMuseum, and more. How do youapproach creating art for these exhibitions differently from your commercial work?

When it comes to creating art for exhibitions, I feel that it is a unique experience compared to other type of projects. The freedom that comes with creating exhibitions allows me to explore new ideas and techniques without being limited by a client’s brief or deadline. This experimental process grants me the privilege to use new materials, technologies, and concepts, and to push the boundaries of my artistic practice. My goal is to create immersive experiences that transport viewers to alternate realities, providing a break from their daily routine and offering a moment of peace and beauty.

Natural balance © Six N. Five

Given the profound nature of your work, how do you explore and incorporate themes such as human emotion, connection, and the passage of time into yourcreations?

In my creations, I utilize visual language to express these concepts. I am fascinated by the relativity of time and its representation, the boundaries between reality and artifice, and how humans navigate them. Furthermore, I explore societal norms and daily realities, examining stress, excess, and how we coexist with these factors. Through my artistic expression, I aspire to not only transport viewers to serene, alternative realities but also to spark their interest in new art forms. Lighting plays a crucial role in my artwork, with light colors evoking specific times of day. Spheres often feature in my works, with varying interpretations, such as the sun, moon, or even an undiscovered planet.

© Salva Lopez

As technology continues to evolve, especially with AI, how do you see the role ofdigital art changing in the future? Are there any emerging trends or techniques you’re excited to explore in your own work, and how do you envision the evolutionof the Six N. Five brand in response to these changes?

I foresee a continued growth and wider acceptance of digital art in various domains such as museums, galleries, and other unconventional settings. Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) will likely aid in streamlining the creative process by providing fresh inputs, automating repetitive tasks, and improving precision and efficiency. This will offer new avenues for creativity and experimentation. So for sure, I feel excited about the future, with new tools to use and improve in my practice. As it evolves, I will try to incorporate all new technologies that will help me to manifest my messages in different mediums, but also with different tools. I firmly believe that digital art is a legitimate and crucial medium of artistic expression that will continue to revolutionize and influence the art world in innovative and exciting ways.

Circles – Evolution © Six N. Five

words. Odyssia Houstis
digital illustration. six n. five