photography. Ellen von Unwerth
fashion. Mike Adler
issue 6 – reinvention

sunglasses. Gentle Monster | jacket + skirt. Alexandre Vauthier

How have you navigated multiple role changes, and what advice would you give to those wanting to reinvent themselves throughout life?
I’ve enjoyed a multifaceted career throughout which I’ve always relied on my heart to guide my path, using it as my compass. Adapting, persisting, and evolving have been my strengths. Rather than entirely reinventing myself, I focus on realigning with my core purpose and passion. Trust your intuition, take steps that align with your soul, and allow the universe to handle the “how” and “when.” Always focus on what you genuinely want and the reasons you want it.

Have you ever faced a failure or setback in your career that led to a beneficial reset or pivot, bringing unexpected success or personal growth?
I prefer to continuously reset or realign myself rather than wait for life’s challenges to force change. Leaving Australia at 18 for the uncertainties of modeling was a significant crossroad that led to unimaginable opportunities. I believe there are no mistakes if you follow your heart, learn from each experience, and apply those lessons moving forward.

How has your own brand evolved or “reset” to adapt to the ever-changing trends and demands of the global market?
WelleCo reflects my personal wellness journey and a mission to empower others in their pursuit of beauty and wellness. Changes in life and business are signals to which I attentively respond, ensuring they align with our core values and intentions. Life’s changes and opportunities are part of our continuous manifestation stream, guiding us in alignment with our purpose and values.

What significant lesson in your entrepreneurial journey led to a pivotal ‘reset’ in your business approach?
Embracing my natural Australian Amazonian physique and letting go of my lingerie business to focus entirely on WelleCo were vital moments. It’s about aligning with what matters most and ensuring I have the energy for this new venture. Closing one door to open another.

As a mentor to aspiring models and entrepreneurs, what advice would you give about the importance of being able to “reset” and adapt to thrive in the industry?
Adaptability is essential for longevity and sustainability. Embrace change, maintain balance, and follow your heart’s calling. Staying true to yourself and consistently trusting that is paramount.

Juggling a successful career in modeling, running businesses, and motherhood must have been challenging. How did you maintain a balance, and has your approach to this changed over the years?
Balancing career and motherhood started with prioritizing family. My approach revolves around being fully present in whatever I do. This detachment, an internal state of being fully present, has been crucial.

In today’s fast-paced world, how do you manage to recalibrate and maintain a work-life balance? Do you have any specific practices or rituals for a physical, mental, or emotional ‘reset’?
Meditation, hydration, grounding activities, and a morning routine of fasting and nourishing meals help me maintain balance. Alternating steam and cold showers, a midweek juice day, and laughter are also part of my reset practices.

Raising two sons, how have you instilled values of health, wellness, and life balance? When did they seem most receptive to these discussions?
I’ve imparted knowledge by highlighting the relationship between dietary choices and overall well-being. My boys, at 20 and 25, now embrace holistic practices and build meaningful relationships.

Often, women in the public eye are perceived as always strong. Could you share a moment of vulnerability that led to unexpected strength or clarity, and what it taught you about the concept of resetting and moving forward?Discovering profound strength in gentleness and non-judgment was a pivotal moment for me. True change can only happen when we are willing to transform ourselves.

As a prominent figure in fashion and wellness, how do you strike a balance between preserving your legacy and continually innovating, especially in an era where industries are constantly evolving?
Hold onto core values, stay true to them, and aim to serve the betterment of humanity and the world. When your purpose transcends personal ambitions, your objectives align and become fulfilled.

Are there any upcoming ventures or projects that you’re particularly excited about, and that align with your philosophies in business and personal life?
Watch this space – 2024 is going to be a big one!

sunglasses. Gentle Monster | jacket + skirt. Alexandre Vauthier | tights. Wolford | boots. Christian Louboutin | earrings. Hannah Martin
sunglasses. Gentle Monster | coat + belt. Laquan Smith | tights. Honey Birdette | stiletto. Christian Louboutin | earrings. Alexis Bittar | ring. Elle’s own
full look + platforms. Roberto Cavalli | sweatbands. Nike | corset. Lory Sun
dress. Elissa Poppy | socks. Wolford | jewellery. Alexis Bittar
full look. Juicy Couture | ring. Elle’s own
all clothing. Dolce & Gabbana | platforms. Guiseppe Zanotti | necklace. Giovanni Raspini | bracelets. Alexis Bittar | rings. Elle’s own
all clothing. Laquan Smith | necklace. Hannah Martin | rings. Elle’s own
dress. Nina Morris | gloves. Cornelia James | stiletto. Christian Louboutin | rings. Hannah Martin | ring. (left) Elle’s own | earrings. Giovanni Raspini
dress. Nina Morris | gloves. Cornelia James | stiletto. Christian Louboutin | rings. Hannah Martin | ring. (left) Elle’s own | earrings. Giovanni Raspini
dress. Nina Morris | gloves. Cornelia James | stiletto. Christian Louboutin | rings. Hannah Martin | ring. (left) Elle’s own | earrings. Giovanni Raspini
dress. Moschino | gloves. Cornelia James | earrings. Giovanni Raspini | bracelets. Alexis Bittar
all clothing. Roland Mouret | necklace. Alexis Bittar | rings. Elle’s own
trench. Roberto Cavalli | gloves. Cornelia James | earrings. Giovanni Raspini
body. Eres | leggings. Wolford | stiletto. Christian Louboutin | rings. Elle’s own
boots. David Koma | rings. Elle’s own

photography. Ellen Von Unwerth
talent. Elle Macpherson, WelleCo founder
stylist. Mike Adler @ Monday Artists
hair. Alex Price using Hair by Sam McKnight @ A Frank Agency
make up. Florrie White using Mario and Proshine @ Bryant Artists
nails. Ami Streets using Kure Bazaar.
retouch. Ovidiu Oltean @ Venus Post Production
set designer. Helen Macyntire @ ONE REPRESENTS
production. Lucy Watson Production
executive production. LuvnGrace Productions
fashion assistant. Tom Pirello