words. Odyssia Houstis
talent. Shameik Moore
issue 3 – the water issue

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Moore’s time on the set of ‘Wu-Tang: An American Saga’, a biographical drama series about the Wu-Tang Clan, was nothing short of transformative. “Wu-Tang is an amazing experience for me,” Moore enthused, sharing how he connected with RZA, the creator of Wu-Tang Clan, during the filming of ‘Cutthroat City’. RZA’s mentorship and guidance significantly shaped Moore’s journey through the project. “RZA allowed me to meet Raekwon, the real one,” Moore said. “I was able to digest his walk, his lingo, how he tells a story, see how he shook my hand? All the details.”

Playing a real-life character such as Raekwon proved both challenging and rewarding for Moore. While acknowledging that portraying real-life figures comes with its own set of rules and limitations, he also found a level of certainty in the process. The actor’s multifaceted performances in roles like Shaolin Fantastic from ‘The Get Down’ and Malcolm in ‘Dope’ demonstrated his ability to tap into his creativity and interpretation, creating characters that resonated with audiences.

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Beyond the realms of live-action drama, Moore has also made a name for himself in animation, most notably as the voice of Miles Morales in ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’. Moore described the process of voice acting as akin to being on the phone with a loved one, “selling the emotion without being able to see the physicalities and the eyes.” For Moore, this was a challenge he found intriguing and one that he took on with a grounded approach, keeping his performances natural and authentic.

Despite his success, Moore’s drive remains unquenched. The actor admitted to juggling numerous projects at once, a testimony to his insatiable hunger for creative expression. His innate desire to balance various creative outlets is deeply rooted in his belief in staying true to oneself.

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Born into a family of Jamaican immigrants, Shameik reveals how their unwavering faith in his abilities has become the driving force behind his journey. “My family worked hard to get to America and to allow me to be successful. So, being the first generation, I feel that I cannot afford to question myself, you know?” Moore possesses an uncommon blend of courage and humility, ingrained in him by his parents who, in his words, functioned as “the confidence” and “the humility,” respectively, in his life. This equilibrium has propelled his career while keeping his feet firmly planted on the ground.

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Moore’s wisdom isn’t driven by adverse life circumstances. He revealed a refreshing understanding of life’s essence, a concept many take years and sometimes harsh experiences to grasp. “I don’t want God to feel like he has to teach me the hard way,” he voiced, appreciating every moment of his journey. His gratitude extends to his creative process, subtly influencing his music. In a world where self-expression often carries the burden of pain and struggle, Moore’s art emerges from a space of reverence for life and a profound sense of gratitude.

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Shameik Moore is not just an actor or a singer-songwriter. He is an artist in the truest sense, using his creativity to explore and influence the human experience. Moore’s approach to his art transcends the traditional confines of individual mediums. His vision seeks to “connect and influence” others through his artistry, turning his creative efforts into a vehicle for change. His commitment to his art is an inspiration, leaving us eagerly anticipating what his ongoing endeavors will bring to the world of entertainment.

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talent. Shameik Moore
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