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issue 1 – in love with Switzerland

Company founder Siro Barino pursues no lesser goal than to explore life contexts in the community so that members get to know each other as loving, happy and life-affirming people. Through his work, the Zurich native, who has also run his own agency Barino Consulting since 2004, sees himself as a Trojan horse that wants to bring more meaning into the world in a barely noticeable way. To achieve this, Barino publishes the in-house magazine “X” and has defined seven areas of life for the journey into his own ego. Why Barino has wanted to positively change other people’s lives since 2019 is related to his personal “MomentX”.

Siro Barion

What was the inspiration behind your decision to create the MomentX company? When did this idea come to you? 

Back in spring 2019 I felt it was time to change the energy and the focus in my life. My wonderful daughter Anaïs was just about one and a half year old and I was going through a period of transformation together with my wife. A beautiful transformation. We just felt that the world was going too fast into the wrong direction. We wanted to put unconditional love and awareness into our focus of living. But my personal MomentX was during a weeklong retreat with Dr. Joe Dispenza in Mallorca. It literally changed my life. We then built MomentX into a platform of new consciousness with the aim to inspire people to live their own truth and empower them to be the best version of themselves. I always felt, that my knowledge in business was supportive to make a difference as some kind of liaison officer, combining two worlds.  

For those people who don’t know MomentX yet, what can they expect by joining this community? 

We meet physically once a month, in smaller groups to exchange our thoughts and experiences. It is also a business lab for great ideas that bring positive change, such as new school systems, real estate with a purpose, avatars that spread love into the metaverse, or many more beautiful ideas. Our members bring their ideas into the MomentX community. Sometimes we just sit around a fire and perform music. And of course, we invite great international personalities to our bigger venues. I am so thrilled, that Dr. Joe Dispenza was the very first speaker at MomentX back in November 2019. The next wonderful event will be with global acclaimed therapist and best-selling author Marisa Peer, coming from London on April 24th 2023 to be with us in Zurich. Members get special seating, pricing and approach to our very special guests.

Marisa Peer

What moment can you share with us that was one of your favourite moments realized by this work of yours with the MomentX community?

 There were many, but having 400 executives, entrepreneurs, influencers at the Dolder Grand in Zurich, listening to Dr. Joe, having dinner with him and getting to know him very personally and bringing his wonderful teaching forward to such powerful people, was just wonderful. 

Siro Barino

With such a diverse background that you have, especially in business, how would you describe the impact of the work you do at MomentX to the different aspects of your life? 

I actively bring change from inside out to corporates, empowering the teams to work in co-creation, instead of mistrust and fear. I try to focus on projects, that have a positive impact on our way of living, on humanity and to our kids. 

What is your vision for MomentX, what would you like to achieve through this community you are creating?

The vision is to create a platform that works as a living organism, that invites and attracts brilliant and heartfelt people to co-create ideas and concrete businesses for the good of humanity.

You have a beautiful magazine that you produce for MomentX, what can one expect to learn when reading your publication? 

You can expect to learn a new and inspiring approach to all spheres of your life with wonderful stories and very special interview partners, that you would most probably not find in mainstream publications. 

momentX cover

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