words. Odyssia Houstis
photography. courtesy of Journee
issue 1 – in love with Switzerland 

Saving the real world by doing good in the virtual world. Under the name #OceanDetox, the first digital exhibition with a purpose, opens in the Metaverse on September 17th, just in time for World Cleanup Day. 

WWF @journee

In the innovative virtual showroom created by the joint forces of WWF Deutschland, Savespecies and Journee, users will have the opportunity to support projects for species and environmental protection in the real world through virtual purchases, e.g. NFTs or donations. The exhibition draws attention to the global plastic waste crisis and generates direct support. The centerpiece of the exhibition is an anamorphic whale composed of 50 floating plastic waste objects.

In addition to the goal of generating donations, the project pursues an important educational mission: By immersing themselves in the virtual world, users experience the endangered animal species up close, which makes #OceanDetox a highly emotional, alarming and impactful experience.

“Partnering with WWF and Savespecies to build awareness on the ever increasing plastic pollution, while raising funds to preserve our planet in all its beauty and rich life is a no brainer for us at Journee,” says Thomas Lorenz, Co-Founder at JourneeEspecially as a father of three, protecting earth and leaving it to the next generation in the best condition possible is key to my heart. I am delighted to facilitate the WWF Metaverse, by merging the beauty of art and technology in a virtual place and thus contributing to protecting the planet we all call home.” 

Mio Loclair, Co-Founder & CEO at Journee adds:“We are grateful to be able to enable the Metaverse to be applied in the field of sustainability and species protection by WWF” 

Etienne Kiefer, Savespecies artist and idea giver behind the project adds: “With opening of #OceanDetox we want to bring attention to the urgency of the plastic crisis and at the same time actively contribute to fighting it. Our virtual exhibition room will continue to grow in the future and support species protection – as a digital Noah’s Ark, so to speak”.

Following #Oceandetox, the expansion of new habitats with further exhibitions of digital art objects for environmental protection are planned.

The official launch of the first exhibition in the Metaverse begins on September 17th. For more information, visit www.saveyour.world.

Contact for more information and press inquiries: 

Irena Chloé Angelov
+41 76 400 3826

About Journee

Journee operates a leading metaverse-as-a-service platform that connects people and brands in a revolutionary way in the digital space. Journee works with brands, agencies, Web3.0 partners and beyond to enable sensational Metaverse cases of the highest possible quality, available to anyone, anywhere, right in their browser.” More info at www.journee.live.

About WWF

WWF Germany is part of the international environmental protection organization World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF). For more than 50 years, the WWF network has been working around the world to stop environmental destruction and create a future in which people and nature live in harmony. WWF Germany is currently involved in more than 100 national and international projects to preserve biological diversity.

About Savespecies

Savespecies has set itself the goal of preventing the worldwide extinction of species – and creates NFTs for a good cause. Under the motto “The Exhibition of Extinction”, Savespecies wants to create concrete added value that generates real support for species protection projects in the virtual world. 

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