words. Emiliano López
photography. Courtesy of DEPT
issue 1 – in love with Switzerland

Digital worlds, virtual realities, and the Metaverse are increasingly discussed topics today. We hear about new discoveries, barriers being overcome, and how the digital universe is expanding every day. But what is the future of fashion? And what role does the industry play in this new space? To answer these questions, we went to DEPT®, Journee – The Metaverse CompanyTM, and H&M Group. Three giants that are cementing the future of fashion in the Metaverse. H&Mbeyond created the Virtual Showroom through its innovation hub for Swedish fashion brands.

When H&Mbeyond approached DEPT® with this unique project, the design firm immediately got to work on finding a way to create a singular Web3 experience that would captivate and dazzle the world, They called it “The Virtual Showroom”, a digital space that replicates the physical experience in the 24/7 open-ended Metaverse, where editors from all over the world can connect, learn about new H&M collections and campaigns, and showcase the brand’s avant-garde aesthetics. This digital world opens new doors to new possibilities, something that is exciting and attractive to many, especially for editors from different media sources, influencers, and stylists who can give life to new concepts. 

The Virtual Showroom consists of a number of “rooms” that represent the various company pillars. In addition to the “Campaign Room,” where visitors can no find out about H&M’s Cherish Waste collection, there is also the “Sustainability Garden,” where we can learn about H&M’s innovation and sustainability practices. Each of these spaces offers visitors from all over the world an immersive experience that helps H&M’s philosophy come to life online.  

Although many people still have doubts about the Metaverse’s potential, companies like DEPT®, Journee – The Metaverse CompanyTM, and H&M Group have shown that it is now more than just a fantasy.

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