words. Odyssia Houstis
digital illustration. Alba de la Fuente
issue 3 – the water issue

LakeVatternHouse © Alba de la Fuente

“Collaborating with other artists and architects is one of the aspects of my work that I value the most,” Alba shares. The opportunity to learn from and exchange ideas with these incredible mentors has shaped her approach to architectural design and 3D art. Alba’s experiences have taught her the importance of collaboration, creativity, attention to detail, and passion, all of which have left an indelible mark on her work.

The ORB © Alba de la Fuente + Tom Dixon

Alba’s artistic journey has taken her through different cultural and architectural landscapes, from the bustling metropolis of London to the vibrant streets of Barcelona. The unique characteristics of each city have been an endless source of inspiration, influencing her work and pushing her to explore different areas of art and design. “The unique cultural and architectural landscapes, art installations, and artists of each city that I can find around, me have served as a rich source of inspiration, which I have consciously and unconsciously integrated into my designs,” she explains.

The ROW © Alba de la Fuente + Andrés Reisinger

Working with high-profile clients like Apple has provided Alba with invaluable experiences and opportunities to push her creative boundaries. She emphasizes the importance of staying true to oneself and one’s vision, as that is what these clients are looking for in their collaborators. Alba’s partnerships with these brands have been a catalyst for growth and evolution in her personal style.

The ROW © Alba de la Fuente + Andrés Reisinger

As the field of 3D art and architecture evolves rapidly, Alba stays ahead of the curve by embracing change and exploring the possibilities offered by new technologies. She envisions a creative renaissance, where the boundaries of the physical world are questioned, and the world of possibilities expands. “The new responses of architecture to this context will be very interesting,” she says.

Temple Narratives © Alba de la Fuente

On the subject of women in Web3, Alba believes that it is essential to provide opportunities and support for women in the industry. As an example of a woman who has dedicated herself to her passion, she encourages young people to prioritize themselves and invest time in growing their work whenever possible. “We are a highly trained generation, with new tools that will be key to what’s coming,” she emphasizes.

The Gallery – Miami Art Basel – Art Innovation Gallery © Alba de la Fuente

Alba de la Fuente stands at the forefront of a creative revolution and her dedication to collaboration, innovation, and artistic exploration is a testament to the boundless potential of creativity in the digital age. With a fusion of cutting-edge technology and timeless creativity, Alba is redefining the boundaries of architecture and art, one breathtaking design at a time.

words. Odyssia Houstis
digital illustration. courtesy of Alba de la Fuente

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