interview. Sebastián Magunacelaya
cgi artist. Ingaverse
issue 1 – in love with Switzerland

After deciding to devote herself to graphic design, she learned web design which eventually led her to develop skills in 3D as she was constantly seeking to grow her digital artist work. She learned 3D design on her own three and a half years ago and have since grown to love the world of 3D, constantly exploring new possibilities. We had the pleasure to work with her on a fully digital editorial for the magazine and mesmerized by her work we´ve decided on interviewing her to find out more about her art firsthand.

When asked about the highlights of her career Inga said she’s proud of getting a feature 3D character design she did in a Hanes commercial as well as work she’s done for a Facebook commercial. However, getting to see people react to her work is something very special to her. “I ask people what they think about my work and when I show it to them the most common response is “Wow”. I think what I hear is people trying to wrap their minds around it”.

Her first approach to the world of 3D design was when creating a music video for Rufus Du Sol “Solace” album. She was inspired by their album cover and wanted to create a scene of 3 figures dressed in black walking across the sand. She tried using programs like After Effects and Cinema 4D without success until she discovered Corona Render for Cinema 4D. Its thanks to this that she was able to make her scene beautiful and realistic in an instant, “This is how I entered the 3D universe I now call the INGAVERSE. I quickly became enthralled by what I was creating and completely forgot why I got there in the first place”, she mentioned. She then started to post her renders on Instagram and other social networks which helped her get her foot in the door.

Inga loves to create 3D characters and landscapes based on her interest in sci-fi and other subjects. Her favorite part of her creative process is developing new and beautiful scenes embracing every skill in 3D modeling and animation she musters to achieve a constant and complex vision to share with the world.

Following a lot of technology, crypto, and 3D art accounts on several social networks that cover new tools in the world of Meta, crypto art, Web3 and new AI tools is how Inga keeps up to date in this ever-changing industry, “I find it helpful to learn from people who are discovering something new every day”. Alongside technology, fashion is a big inspiration in the creation of her bewitching designs. Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Chanel are some of the brands she prefers, claiming it is the minimalist and meta-style in her personal wardrobe like chunky black boots, leather pants, and moto jackets that she likes the most.

As for her current projects in her opinion the most important one she’s done for her career is a collection of iO characters that received a lot of positive feedback resulting in a commissioned series for a fashion store which led to her having a spot in a Hanes commercial and a Meta ad. In spite of this it is the SOLARIS series she did of moving 3-eye glasses which she considers represents best her general “vibe” of the INGAVERSE art. For the future, as she’s working on a fashion show animation with unique looks, Inga is planning on learning Marvelous Designer to work on her Metaverse X INGAVERSE digital wearables fashion collection.

As we finish the interview Inga leaves us with a pearl of wisdom for artists just staring out: “Share your work on Instagram. As much as I doubted myself in the past, I’ve always had fans who gave me the confidence to keep going, allowing me to make new connections and keep growing”. We are delighted to have such a superb and stylish 3D designer in our first edition and are looking forward to seeing the development of both the Metaverse and the INGAVERSE.