interview. Sebastián Magunacelaya
photography. Jvdas Berra
issue 1 – in love with Switzerland

For the very first number of Schon! Switzerland we’ve decided to create an editorial inspired on the fantasy novel by German writer Michael Ende “The Neverending Story” by generating an amalgam between a wonderous world of the past and the marvelous metaverse of the future.

When discussing what both the future and the Metaverse may hold for the fashion industry, intricate geometry and impossible shapes and forms of all kinds come to mind.  Which is why the hyper detailed and sculptural pieces of couture created by Yimeng Yu seem like the best representation of what is to come.

Yimeng Yu is a graduate from the Royal College of Art, she works as the fashion design director in the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, China. Her studio, also based in Beijing, focuses on researching topics both academic and artistic.

When asked what inspires her art, she claimed her design is based on algorithm generative methods to create parametric aesthetics. She’s dedicated to the integration of darkness and elegance, softness and hardness, order, and chaos. 

“Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I grew up in China, which values the golden mean and the balance of Ying and Yang”, says the digital artist.

Her consistent design philosophy, the integration and unity of contradicting factors, is evident in the symbiosis of natural elements with artificial objects working as the threading within her pieces. “Designing in a digital world allows me to generate forms and structures. There I can break the boundaries of physical limitations. This way I can fully free my imagination and achieve an innovative artistic language” Yimeng Yu comments on his work.

Currently her main research focus is on computational design and digital fabrication, dedicated to exploring avant-garde apparel aesthetics and the innovation within the fashion industry. 

Only time will tell how and if the metaverse will evolve into the magical escapade of art and fashion, ludic self-expression, and creative revolution that we all intend it to be. Because in the end it is us who will bring it into being as a reflection of ourselves, digital stone by digital stone. 

But that’s another story…

photography. Jvdas Berra
digital artist. Yimeng Yu
model. Beth Gomez @ New Icon
hair. Cara Cabrero
make up. Sara Perz
nails. Zaira Vega
light design. Charles Herrera