words: Sebastián Magunacelaya
photography: Courtesy of Max Mara
issue 1 – in love with Switzerland

Look after look, Ian Griffiths, creative director of the brand, manifests a style where straight lines appear to sway with the warmth of the French Riviera to become soft curves, subtle and stripped of any pretensions where comfort and elegance prevail proving you can remain in style and fashion without being their prisoner. 

All their pieces share that same essence: light fabrics, like unprocessed cotton and linen which take command of the runway highlighting once more the spirit of freedom they lived during those golden summers where fashion and art coexisted in harmony creating a new trend. Although the color palette varies from raw linen colors up to yellow total looks from head to bottom, pale tones are maintained throughout generating visual harmony almost as if color itself was trying to go “unnoticed” in order to emphasize on the pieces’ silhouettes. 

For this season, Max Mara, besides expertly mirroring the Riviera style, has reflected upon renowned personalities of the period like architect Eileen Gray and muse of the era Renneé Perle; women that transcended the standards of their time.  Once more captivating us by submerging the beholder in that golden age where the sea was the temple of those powerful women that made such a strong fashion statement without realizing it.